AVI to GIF Converter

Use this free online AVI to GIF converter to convert AVI videos to GIF animations, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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AVI Videos

AVI is a file format used to store videos on a computer. It was created by Microsoft and it can hold video and audio together. It's like a container that can hold different types of video and audio data. AVI files can be played on most media players, and it can store high-quality videos. It's not the most efficient format, but it's good for editing and archiving videos. AVI files are also known for its flexibility but it's not the best option for web usage because it can be large in size.

AVI to GIF Conversion

Converting an AVI clip to a GIF animation involves taking the video data from an AVI file and converting it into a series of still images and reassemble them into an animation. The quality of the final GIF animation will depend on many factors including the resolution and bitrate of the original AVI file. It is important to note that the resulting GIF will be a lower quality than the original video, due to the GIF format's limitations in terms of resolution, color depth, and frame rate. This tool uses the most advanced algorithms to eliminate quality degradation during conversion.