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WebP Images

Files ending in .webp are image files. Google created the WebP format as a potential replacement for the most popular image formats on the internet, which include JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs. As such, WebP files support the core tenets of those formats, including animations, transparency, lossless compression, and more. In addition, WebP files are smaller in size and offer more versatility. However, being a newer format, WebP hasn’t been able to fully replace the competing formats. This limits its support. For example, Instagram does not accept WebP uploads. Converting WebP to other formats is easy, though.

WebP to GIF Conversion

WebP to GIF conversion is the process of converting an (animated) image in the WebP format to an (animated) image in the GIF format. The WebP format uses a combination of compression techniques such as intra-frame compression, predictive coding and transparency compression to achieve a smaller file size with minimal loss of quality. On the other hand, the GIF format limits the maximum number of colors to 256, resulting in a larger file size. The resulting GIF file will have a larger file size and may lose some quality in the process, but it will be compatible with more devices and platforms that do not support the WebP format.