WMV to GIF Converter

Use this free online WMV to GIF converter to convert WMV videos to GIF animations, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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WMV Videos

The WMV format is a video compression format developed by Microsoft. It is used to compress video files for easier streaming and playback. WMV is a proprietary format, which means that it can only be played using specific software or devices that support the format. It is often used to compress video files for internet streaming, and it's also used to create video files with a smaller file size for storage and playback on personal computers or mobile devices. It's a common format used to play video files on Windows platform and compatible with many software.

WMV to GIF Conversion

WMV to GIF conversion is the process of converting a video in the WMV format to an animated image in the GIF format. The process involves extracting the video frames from the WMV file, and then encoding them as a GIF animation. The process may also involve changing the color depth and frame rate, as well as applying dithering and other techniques to improve the final quality of the GIF animation. The resulting file will be a GIF animation with a limited color depth and quality.