GIF to WebM Converter

Use this free online GIF to WebM converter to convert GIF files to WebM videos, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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WebM Videos

WebM is a video file format and GIF is an image file format that supports animation, a process of converting whole WebM file to GIF is taking the video file in the WebM format and creating a GIF image from it. This process typically involves extracting a sequence of frames from the video, and then creating a GIF by combining those frames into a single, animated image. The resulting file will be a sequence of images, meaning that it will not be able to be edited as a video, and it can't have sound. Additionally, the quality of the video will be reduced due to the nature of the GIF format.

GIF to WebM Conversion

The process of converting a GIF to a WebM video involves extracting the individual frames of the GIF and encoding them as a video stream using the VP8 or VP9 video codec. The video stream is then saved into a WebM file, without audio. The result is a WebM file that can be played in a web browser or media player that supports the WebM format. The WebM format provides efficient, high-quality video playback on the web and is supported by many modern web browsers.