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Use this free online GIF to BMP converter to convert GIF files to BMP images, quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

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BMP Images

Files ending in .bmp are bitmap images. These are raster-based images, meaning they are made up of a grid of colored or monochrome pixels. BMP images are very similar to JPG (or JPEG) images in this way. However, BMP files are generally preferred for preserving large amounts of pixel data in an uncompressed format, while JPGs are compressed automatically. This usually makes BMPs files larger than similar-quality JPGs. BMP files can still be compressed if needed, however. Bitmap images are in a well-documented open format, making them popular for programs and operating systems.

GIF to BMP Conversion

GIF to BMP conversion is the process of converting an animated image in the GIF format, which consist of multiple frames, to a series of individual still images in the BMP format. This process involves reading the animation data stored in the GIF file, decoding each frame and then encoding them into individual BMP images. The resulting output will be a set of still images in the BMP format, which may have a much larger file size than the original GIF animation but have a higher color depth and support for various color spaces.