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PNG Images

Files ending in .png are images. PNGs are raster-based image files, which means they are made up of a grid of pixels, with each pixel filled with one color to create a larger image. PNGs are a versatile image format because they support lossless compression as well as transparency, two things the other popular image format — JPG — does not support. Generally, PNGs are ideal for graphics-based images, such as logos, watermarks, icons, and other pieces of design. You can also use the PNG format for photographs, although JPG is more suited for this purpose.

GIF to PNG Conversion

The process of converting a GIF to an animated PNG (APNG) involves several steps. First, the individual frames must be extracted. Each frame must then be converted to a PNG image format, as APNG is based on PNG format. Once all the frames have been extracted, the PNG images must be encoded using the APNG extension. This encoding process includes storing the animation data such as frame delay times, the number of loops and any other relevant data. The resulting APNG file contains the encoded images and animation data, which can then be displayed as an animation. It's important to note that APNG is not supported by all the browsers, but it's more efficient than GIF in terms of file size and color depth.